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Indietribe offers range of 100% certified organic food products.​

Buy Natural, unadulterated food without the use of synthetic herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers, or bioengineered genes (GMOs). 

All Indietribe products are sourced from Farmers Cooperative.
At Indie Tribe, we want to bring back a sense of belongingness in food that you can trust.

Indie Tribe, as the name suggests is an initiative to provide a platform to the indigenous and organic farm produce grown lovingly by our community of farmers and tribes.

Through this, we want to transform urban eating habits from junk and processed to clean and organic.

When you choose Indie Tribe range of organic products, you are choosing the longevity, health and overall wellbeing for yourself and your loved ones. Go on and explore our products, we promise to delight you with the quality of our products and are available to answer any questions you have at the below

Eat Good-Eat Organic

We believe that everyone deserves food that’s clean – free of pesticides, additives or artificial ingredients.

We want to make pure and unadulterated food accessible to all.

It’s our endeavour to provide clean food with our range of 100% certified organic products that guarantee purity.

Meet Our Team


Alwin Fernandes

CEO & Founder

Born in a small village in Angadi, Karwar, State Karnataka, Alwin spent most of his growing up years in Mumbai and continues to live in the city till date.

Despite his city upbringing, his annual visits during summer to his ancestral home forged a deep connection with nature. The lush rice fields, coconut and mango plantations and exposure to a wide variety of farm-fresh produce are his primary childhood memories.

Through all this, Alwin developed a love for clean and unprocessed foods. Alwin believes that as the country is moving towards a healthier alternative, it will increase organic foods consumption. He is focused on educating people towards a healthy lifestyle & eating habits. He believes that in the long run, people will become more conscious and shift to organic produce.

So, when he decided to make the switch from a corporate career, diving into organic foods was the most natural choice!

Alwin brings years of customer service experience that enabled him to create a brand that is honest, customer-friendly and quality-driven. 

His other passions include playing the guitar, running marathons and being a devoted family man.


Riteish Parwani

Founder & Strategic Partner

An MBA by qualification Riteish Parwani is proud to be the Founder of BRMA Health LLP, He is responsible for the overall direction, strategy and growth of the Firm. Prior to this Riteish held Top Management roles with various MNCs in Realty, Banking & Event Management industries and carries a rich experience of more than 25 years in practically all spheres of the management lifecycle. Under his leadership he has been instrumental in the growth story of many MNCs wherein they have been growing from strength to strength in India. He strongly believes that entrepreneurship and collaboration is the key to success for any company.

About few years back a health uproar made him realize about eating right and staying fit. Since then, he has been on this healthy path and transformed himself from a couch potato to a Marathoner. To take this thought of healthy eating to the next level he and his co-founder decided that they should contribute to the environment, and also introduce people to the path of eating right & being fit. 

Thus, he passionately believes in healthy eating and looks forward to inspire communities to a healthier way of life with real organic food. A healthy lifestyle way of life has been his mantra and he believe strongly that being resilient matters all



“I began using your organic products yesterday. Excellent stuff… great quality. Keep it up Indietribe you have a winner on your hands”

Mr. Ajit Kumar

IndieTribe Organic

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