The growing popularity of organic food in India

Organic food is gaining popularity in India, and there are multiple reasons for people to choose Organic food. This article intends to explain why people are switching to organic food and the benefits of the change.


Reason 1: Social Impact

We, humans, are responsible for climate change in multiple ways, World’s higher bodies are framing policies to combat climate change, and we should support that; however, at an individual level, we can also contribute to this cause by changing our food habits.

If you look at the social side, organic farming reduces pollution compared to modern-day farming methods. It involves old-style farming methods like crop rotation, ultimately improving soil quality and groundwater conservation in the process, potentially making it better for the environment.

Organic agriculture also helps farmers adapt to climate change by strengthening agroecosystems and building farmer’s knowledge of the earth.  


Reason 2: Choice to go Chemical free

To grow organic food, there are strict guidelines that farmers and producers must follow to label their food as organic legally.

These guidelines are about zero use of any artificial chemicals, antibiotics or genetic modification. Besides, there cannot be any artificial food additives, like artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives. At Indietribe, our products’ popularity is mainly attributed to the factor that all our products are 100% Chemical-free.  


Reason 3: Importance of GMO-free products

The critiques of organic food have asserted that GMO certificates are luring people to buy organic food. People in most countries, especially in Europe, the food industry has come to understand the importance of offering GMO-free products and the healthy food market to the end consumer. As in many studies, it has been found that people are willing to pay more for healthy products.

Markets are flooded with genetically modified products, and it isn’t easy to spot the brands adhering to the commitment of offering GMO-free products. But brands like Pure India and Indietribe are entirely committed to providing GMO-free organic food products. 


To summarize, the world around us has changed a lot in many ways. Everything is under the scope of commercialization, especially food. However, the organic food industry is growing as there are many proven ways to understand the benefits of organic food backed by science.


Organically grown food may have more nutrients; organic food tends to have higher essential micronutrients, including vitamin C, Zinc, Iron. Similarly, organic grocery has become an everyday norm these days, and organic spices are used daily.


Because most of the market’s spices contain artificial colour, customers are changing to organic herbs, and almost all the spices that constitute an essential part of our daily meal could be found in organic food stores.


There is strong evidence suggesting that organic food has health benefits, and its popularity is not a hoax. Also, suppose animal welfare and the environment are of concern to you. In that case, you could join the long list of people who are consuming organic food and could provide more impetus to its growing popularity.

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